Jun. 2015
Preparing To Record in “Nashville”
by: Klassika


I have just confirmed our plane tickets to Nashville, TN!  Klassika is getting ready to record a few more songs with Dave Demay at Songcity Studios at the end of July, 2015.  Dave recorded our hugely successful version of “Just The Way You Are“.   Needless to say we are super excited about going back to Nashville.  It is always fun to prepare for something like this.

The main reason we are going is to record our first original song written by Luca Angelosanti.  He is an Italian songwriter with Warner Chappell who contacted us about this song.   My friend the South African composer, arranger, musician Johan Kelber did the orchestrated arrangement for Klassika.  Johan does all of our arrangements.   ‘Qui (Sopra la Scogliera) is an Italian song.  It means ‘Here, over the cliff’.   We are completely in love with this song.  Can’t wait to share it with the world.

The other songs we plan on recording are “Hero” (Mariah Carey and Pavarotti version), “All Of Me  by John Legend (we’ve added some Spanish to spice things up a bit and “Canzone d’Amore” (Italian version of Elton John’s Your Song).  If time permits we want to also record our unique arrangement of “Prayer In The Night” originally by Amici forever.   These songs will be the first songs of our second CD.

A lot of work goes into our rehearsals; we dissect these songs, massage notes and play with words and phrasing, etc.  But we also have fun because we truly love what we do and continue to learn about each other in the process.

That’s all for now.  There will be more to come regarding the recording process and we will have a very exciting announcement very soon! (no, I am not having another baby!)