Jan. 2016
Klassika Performs To Capacity Crowd In Kansas City
by: Klassika

intercontinental kc

FatsOur Kansas City Performance was one of our favorites.  Fats Domino sang about Kansas City and just like him we had a ball playing there a few days ago at the InterContinental Hotel.  It was our first corporate gig of the year.  Our audience was a ballroom full of high level insurance company executives and they were a terrific group of people who know how to enjoy themselves.   Kara Leodler, Manager/Conference & Travel said they liked us too.  In fact so much she said that during our set no one took bathroom breaks, or got up to grab a smoke or a drink.  Klassika had them in the palm of our hands.  The event was so well organized and efficient that during our sound check dozens of workers were scurrying around setting up the room for the awards ceremony that night for the  Kansas City Life Insurance Company and the banquet and entertainment to follow..  And even during our sound check the workers stopped to watch and listen.  It was a great feeling then and when we did the formal show we received a standing ovation and that was our insurance , I mean assurance, that we had done a great job.  As we said our goodbyes, the Event Director told us she had a very strong feeling that Klassika would be be seeing Kansas City again soon.  She has become our advocate. “Kansas City, here I come!”

I am sure there will be quite a few more opportunities that will come our way because of this performance.  We want to thank Kara Leodler for being such a wonderful host, she went above and beyond.

One last thing.  We had the opportunity to roam around Kansas City and it is beautiful.  Great restaurants, shopping and the people were very friendly.  We are looking forward to returning.  Stay tuned.