Dec. 2015
“Feliz Navidad” by Klassika
by: Klassika


2015 is closing out on many high notes.  Klassika  prepares for a holiday concert in Melbourne, Florida.  Our performance will be in the ballroom of the beautiful Grand Isle Community, on Dec. 5. We have performed twice before at this venue, and each time the tickets sell out rather quickly.  This year we are surprising this loyal audience with two brand new songs.  One is a Klassika version of a Holiday favorite, “Feliz Navidad.”  It is a super happy and uplifting song and it is more uptempo than we have ever done before.   The other is our first original song “Qui Sopra La Scogliera”  and many more.

Feliz Navidad Cover ARtFeliz Navidad” comes to us by way of Pretoria South Africa where our arranger Johan Kelber works and lives. He has given us such a beautiful rendition of this seasonal classic written by the terrific Jose Feliciano. I can safely say it is a version never heard before.

Johan Kelber
Johan Kelber

South Africa, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Tampa.  These are places that have and will in the future be the key cities that bring Klassika to new heights.  Our beloved and supremely talented arranger and composer is there, of course but so will I be along with my family this holiday season.  Pretoria and  much of South Africa is wondrously  beautiful especially this time of year.  The beautiful people of Ireland and the United Kingdom will hear our  “Feliz Navidad” for the first time and we are full of eager anticipation for their reaction to this song.  It comes from our hearts to theirs.  While I am away in South Africa, radio stations from Belfast to London will be playing our song.  And, this season and into the new year,our neighbors in Tampa and throughout South Florida will know more about us than ever before.

So, as 2015 transitions in 2016, so has Klassika in every good way. You can purchase our music on the following sites iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Google Play.  Much is on the horizon.  I can almost see the bright lights from here.


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