Apr. 2015
Amazing Show! Thanks Bonita Springs
by: Klassika

bonita springs

Klassika put on a standing ovation show in Bonita Springs, FL this past weekend (Saturday) at the Center for Performing Arts of Bonita Springs. Klassika has a rather elaborate set so we arrived quite early that morning to load in, setup, sound check, rehearse and get ready. 

In addition, we had a film crew present who followed us around to the sound check and other behind the scenes activities that take place when preparing for a live stage performance.    

It took me a while to organize all my dresses.  I normally change about 7 times during a performance.   These changes are quick.  Sometimes I have one minute to get out of one outfit and into another to be back on stage in time to sing.  During such a dash off the stage at a previous show I ran into a corner.  The backstage area was completely dark.  I had a bruised bump on my forehead for the rest of the show.   Luckily we had an accident free show on Saturday.

What a lovely audience we had.  Sold out crowd.  We had the fortune of debuting a brand new song.  This song is Klassika’s  first original song written by Luca Angelossanti www.casamusica.it  How fortunate are we that he heard about us in Italy and contacted us to propose this fantastic song.  It is called ‘Qui’ which means ‘Here’.  The audience absolutely loved the new song.  Our orchestral arrangement was done by the super talented Johan Kelber www.johankelber.co.za.  Johan happens to be a high school friend of mine in South Africa.  How amazing is it that Classical Crossover truly crosses borders and in our case bring artist together from different countries to create stunning music. 

When we sang our last note the audience was on their feet and gave us a standing ovation.  What a joy to be able to make people happy.   


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